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Forge: Chapter One Version 1.00
This is the last demo before the final release. It includes the playable Chapter One, complete with the full Soundtrack, Voice-overs and lots of Rewards!


Correct filesize is 170.8 MiB.

"Hey, the installer sucks!": If you have issues with the installer (using Wine on Linux might be the case), please download the installer-free version, which is a simple .tar archive. Don't get scared by the extension: ".tar" is actually a very common archive type, and 99% of the decompressing utilities are able to open it. 7 ZIP is one of those (and it's free!).

Correct filesize is 154.5 MiB.

new Attention: in order for the game to work properly, you need to install it inside a folder where you have write privileges. In case you don't have a clue of what I'm talking about, just install in the default directory, and it will work fine.

new Malware wrong call: some browsers or operating systems might report the installer as malicious software (malware). Please consider those as wrong calls: there is nothing like that in the .exe, just the game and its related files.

Tech Demo Version 1.00
This demo gives the player some info about the story of Loom and what is to be expected in its sequel "Forge". It also shows the menu and how the interface works, with the help of a small tutorial.

Mirror n.1
Mirror n.2

Correct filesize is 15.1 MiB.

Guidelines for Contributors
Planning to lend your skills to the project? Curious about the standards we're using?
This little .pdf (still subject to updates) contains all you need to know.

Download here (updated 23rd of June, 2012)