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Title: Quintessential 'About Forge' Thread
Post by: Da_Duke2000 on July 23, 2009, 03:38:00 PM
Welcome to the Forge Demo Board!

We're glad to have you hear and to see another LOOM fan excited about our project. What project you may ask? Why, we're creating a game of course! Using the AGS engine, myself and a small but growing team of artists and scripters, have come together to begin work on a demo of Forge, a (free) LOOM sequel.

What is LOOM? I would hope if you're here then you already know. Still, lets provide some background on the topic. LOOM was an adventure game released in 1990 with a simple goal; To provide the player with an interactive story, a game designed to be finished. While the puzzles seemed simple and the game short, for the time it was released, LOOM was a pioneer for adventure games in the realms of Graphics, Storyline and the functionality of the Interface. LOOM was a game where the player could not die, and no inventory was implemented. The player could experience the story for what it was, and immerse themselves in its wonder.

In tribute to one of the very first games in my memory, a game which a talented few worked on to bring to life, our team hope to offer a product that will do justice to what LOOM means to so many. Our intentions are to produce a quality Demo, with Rusty Nailbender as our protagonist. We will follow his quest to rescue his Guild from the clutches of Chaos, the consequences of which weigh heavily on everyone, living or dead, with their souls trapped on the Inside.

I hope to see many new members join in the following weeks and months, and I hope to keep a constant supply of new media and documentation to keep curiosity at bay.

I hope you all enjoy your stay here, and I hope to hear from many of you as well.

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