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Title: sound design
Post by: nagual on January 15, 2013, 02:16:35 PM
Hi, I am a musician, producer specialized in sound design.
I have worked with comercial games for the studios Ignis Games/Techfront studios (Brazil/Germany - music composing, sound design sfx and sound/music programing in directx for the mmorpg ERINIA), Norwinter Studios (USA - Music for the game BOUNCY HUNTERS, entrance for the Independent Games Festival), Bitcrafters (Brazil/Germany, Sound FX and music for the game JESSY)
Now I run my own agency specialized in music creative content for marketing, cinema and buildings. We also work with apps,  ( (
And I would be happy to contribute with Sound FX for the game Forge, since I am a very fan of Brian Moriarty work.
I belive some well crafted Sounds , created exclusively for the game, may add another layer of meaning to the game.
Totally free of charge, as long the game is also under the GNU license.


Frederico Flores

Title: Re: sound design
Post by: abisso on January 15, 2013, 03:44:13 PM
Hello Federico and welcome aboard. Your offer comes exactly at the right time, as only 20% of the SFX have been completed for the incoming Forge Chapter One Demo. I had some unpleasant partnership experience with other SFX artists in the past and as a matter of fact no one has joined that position as a permanent member before.
I'm working on SFX by myself at the moment, mostly by editing Public Domain sources and recording live.

Your CV seems very interesting and so I think it might be worthwhile to make an attempt at cooperating. I will contact you in the next few days at the email address you signed in, unless you want to provide me with a different one (with a PM).
To be honest I'm happier than I look for your offer, and only my natural cautiousness (derived from the previous experiences) prevents me from being totally relieved.

As per the license, is something that I only started to think of recently. What's always been certain (and always will be) is that the game is freeware. No money required to play it, ever.
My current plan is to release the incoming demo with a CC-BY-NC-ND license, which means the game will be freely distributable, but not modifiable nor available to be sold. And attribution will be required, of course. It's the more restrictive Creative Commons one, I know, but it still preserves the fundamental rights to share and play for free so it will do for now.

I believe the best thing, when the time for the full release comes, will be doing some more research regarding licenses as well as opening up a poll and ask the fans which license they would like to see the game released with.

Thanks for getting in touch, and don't forget to check your mail folder (and the spam, since spam-filters don't work very wellmost of the time!).

-Gabriele Nannetti