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Title: Forge for Linux?
Post by: Gilrond on May 26, 2013, 01:50:31 PM
I just found out about your project. It's exciting to see that you are working on a sequel to Loom which is my favorite fantasy quest.

I'm a Linux user, and tested your demo under Wine - it's playable. However in general, do you plan to continue developing it as a Windows project, or you have some plans to develop it in a more cross platform fashion? With such technologies like SDL you can easily make Windows, Linux and Mac OSX versions with the same codebase.

And in general, is your project open source? Thanks again for your active interest in continuing the Loom!

UPDATE: I just noticed that you are using the AGS engine, which is already ported to Linux. So Forge can have a Linux version too I guess.

Title: Re: Forge for Linux?
Post by: abisso on May 26, 2013, 02:58:05 PM
Hi there, thanks for signing in and for the enthusiasm.

As a matter of fact I'm a Linux (Kubuntu) user as well, so I totally understand your interest for a port. The AGS engine has been ported to Linux, but when I started using the engine it wasn't stable and reliable and so I stick with the Windows version to prevent possible issues. At the moment I'm coding through a Virtualized WinXP machine.

I really doubt that I'll do a porting of the Ch.1 Demo, but I totally want to do one for the complete game. Thanks to the community, now it's possible to make ports for Linux and I/OS with minor tweaking.

As per the license, no, the project is not open source. It might become in the future, but the incoming demo will be released with a fairly restrictive license: CC-BY-ND-NC. It's the most restrictive Creative Commons available, and the reasons for my choice are multiple; but the main one is that I haven't had enough time to consider the whole license matter and so I decided to pick the only one that allows me to change my mind later.
Still, for those of you that are unfamiliar with it, CC-BY-ND-NC allows sharing for free as long as you attribute the work and don't make derivative works.

Title: Re: Forge for Linux?
Post by: Gilrond on October 15, 2014, 03:03:26 PM
FYI, I recently built AGS from source for Linux to work around some bugs in the Quest for Infamy, and decided to give the Forge a try using it. It worked just fine!

I run it as:

./ags 'Forge - Chapter One.exe'