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Title: Windows Technical Support
Post by: abisso on January 17, 2014, 10:44:08 AM
I apologize for the delay in opening such an important topic. As the game has been specifically designed to run on Windows, I figured out there wouldn't be any issue. But I overlooked something in the process.

Here is a list of useful info:
  • Installer version: this is the recommended download for Windows users. Your system tends to be very suspicious, however, and might tell you the file is potentially malicious. Please don't trust your operating system! As long as you downloaded the game from our website, there is no risk at all in running the application. No viruses, no trojans, no malware. Rest assured.
  • Installer-free version (archive): as explained in the Downloads Page, .tar is a standard archive extension. Not as renowned as .zip, .rar. or .7z, but common enough. It's got nothing tricky and you can use your standard un-archiving program to open it, be it 7Zip, Winrar, or Winzip. Pointless to say, no malicious content inside this one as well.
  • Installation folder: if you want to unlock Rewards, and be able to save, DON'T install the game into a folder where you don't have writing privileges. This is explained in the PC Reference Card, but it's worth repeating. If you're unsure of which folder to choose, just leave the default one.

This list will be updated as new feedback is gathered. Feel free to use the thread to ask for support, and to report a specific problem / solution.

Title: Re: Windows Technical Support
Post by: janelsenor on February 20, 2015, 07:52:16 PM
I feel like an idiot, but how to I run this game? I used the installer version for version 1.0. This time, when I extract the files, I just get a single file called "Forge_Chapter_One_1.1_No_Installer" and Windows doesn't know how to run it. If I rename it to add .exe at the end, it says my version of Windows is incompatible....

EDIT: NM. Figured it out. If anyone else ever has the problem, I had to also extract from"Forge_Chapter_One_1.1_No_Installer" to get the real folder with all the game files. It didn't have the ".tar" extension like the initial file so it threw me off.

Title: Re: Windows Technical Support
Post by: abisso on February 20, 2015, 08:08:35 PM
Glad you've figured it out by yourself!