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Title: Pixel art assistance
Post by: Guedzilla on February 25, 2014, 12:55:12 PM
Hello everyone!

My name is Daniel, I'm a long time fan of the Loom series... played it in my youth and it was one the most impacting games for me.
I have a bachelors degree in Image and Sound, and have been working mostly with music and video animations, but I've been studying pixel art lately, and finding it very enjoyable to work with. I haven't done much, mostly some objects and furniture for an educational game for my work, but I'd like to help on the game production, both because I love the original game and as an opportunity to study an learn from veterans.  :)

I've put some of my work up on deviantart to show you guys... but it's not much. Hope you like it! (

I'll also apply for composer, but that's another topic.


Title: Re: Pixel art assistance
Post by: abisso on February 27, 2014, 06:47:19 PM
Hello Daniel.

I haven't had the time to check your portfolio properly, but since you wrote some days ago already, let me thank you for the offer in the meantime. I'll check both your help offers and get back to you as soon as possible.

Title: Re: Pixel art assistance
Post by: abisso on February 28, 2014, 02:05:45 PM
Here I am, after checking your portfolio in more detail. There was less pieces than I expected. Anyway, most of them are pixel-art, so it's enough to get an idea.

I think the better ones are here: (
Dithering is not bad at all, design is ok.
The 2 backgrounds are a bit too rough instead. Not that it's an easy task to paint backgrounds! In fact, it's one of the most difficult things to do when it comes to pixel-art. Small pieces are easier to achieve, but still require some competence.
And your pen sketch shows you have some talent in the visual field.

For this reason, I think it's worth giving you a chance to show what you're capable of. I'm still overwhelmed by things to do, so don't expect this in a couple of days, but I'm going to send you a list of small tasks to see if you can contribute something to the game in a fit style. I'll get back to you using the email you registered with; if it's not an address you use often, please PM me with the preferred one.

In the meantime you might play the game again, and study the graphic style.

Last but not least: thanks a lot for your offer and for the enthusiasm that transpires from your words.

Title: Re: Pixel art assistance
Post by: Guedzilla on March 01, 2014, 11:59:52 AM

I think I forgot to turn on notification on this thread, didn't see you answer until now.

I haven't done much pixel art, really, and I set up this deviantart account just so I could show you the little I had.

Those object and furniture were made specifically on a very low resolution for an educational game... in the end,  bit too low I think. And the backgrounds are still work in progress, they're for a personal project I'm intending to do on AGS on my spare time.

Thanks for the opportunity, I'll wait for your e-mail (it's the address I registered with, alright)!  :)