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Title: I offer my services
Post by: cuchulainn on March 29, 2015, 03:23:48 PM
I'm an amateur pixel artist; i don't know anything about drawing for games or such, but if you want me to draw some backgrounds and tell me a picture size i can try to do a job. I'd be very glad to work in this project as more than a tester!

here is a sample work of mine for references (i'll try to post some more later!) (

Thank you for your time

Title: Re: I offer my services
Post by: abisso on April 13, 2015, 07:33:19 AM
Thanks for your offer, cuchulainn.

The sample work is not bad, though it's not exactly pixel-art. I will quote one of my recent replies according to that, which should explain why.

Pixel-art doesn't just mean using low-res. It's a very specific kind of art, with its strict rules and its distinctive looks. No use of filters is just one of those rules, and many WadjetEye games make abundant use of them, giving that sort of "blurred" effect to backgrounds. Characters are usually in pixel-art, though.
There's a lot of sources you might look into if you're interested in knowing more about Pixel-art. I recommend this link: [url][/url] ([url][/url])

However, I'd be interested in seeing more, even non pixel art, sketches and the like. If you have a portfolio, please share a link (not necessarily here, a PM or an email work as well).