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Title: Ask Brian Moriarty for help
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Thats original answer from Brian Moriarty about the LOOM trilogy

LOOM was conceived as the first game of a fantasy trilogy.
The second game, FORGE, would follow the adventures of
Rusty Nailbender as he tried to regain control of the Forge,
which was hijacked by Chaos in the first game. Bobbin was
going to appear every now and then (as a swan) to offer help
and advice, kind of like Obi-Wan Kenobi in EMPIRE and JEDI.
At the end of FORGE, Rusty drives Chaos out of the Forge, but
not before the gentle land of the Shepherds is conquered and
nearly destroyed in a terrible battle. (The floating Forge
ends up falling directly onto the Shepherds'

The third game, THE FOLD, followed the adventures of
Fleece Firmflanks, who teams up with Rusty to resist the evil
forces that are camping in the Shepherds' territory. Bobbin
again offers occasional help and advice. At the climax of the
game, Bobbin, Bobbin's mother and Hetchel return to Earth along
with the entire Guild of Weavers, and all of the other Guilds
join for a final challenge to Chaos. Working
together for the first time, their combined magic banishes
Chaos back into the Void, and the healing of the world can begin.
Rusty and Fleece get married, and Bobbin becomes the head of the
Guild of Weavers.

Contrary to popular belief, the LOOM sequels were not abandoned
because LOOM didn't sell well. LOOM has sold more than half a
million copies in various formats since it was published in 1990.
The reason the sequels weren't made is because I decided I wanted
to work on other things, and nobody else wanted to do them, either.

Good luck with your sequel, and let me know if you need any help!

- Brian Moriarty