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Forge's Chapter One has been released on the 16th of December 2013!
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1  General Discussion / Adventure Gaming - Loom Island / Re: What was it that made that game so good? on: August 26, 2010, 08:49:01 AM
I first played Loom at the age of 12 and found it very difficult to complete the game. Back then my English was also elementary and I often asked my English teacher what some dialogues from Loom meant. I had only managed to play through the first island and only at the age of 15 I managed to complete the game. What kept my imagination fascinated was the combination of the dreamy visual atmosphere, the brilliant music by Tchaikovsky and the several myths so brilliantly blended into creating the unique myth of the Loom.

The myth of Loom acted in a liberating even therapeutic manner on my soul and accompanied me as a fantasy world of refugee into my adulthood. That was actually the initial purpose of Drama in ancient Greece: "to uplift the soul" through catharsis or cleansing of the emotions. The link between live myths and loom is so intense that anyone who ever enters the mythic space and time of it, is doomed to forever remember it with nostalgia!

The success of Loom lies deep within the emotions it can generate in the reader's minds through its stories, music, colors and the idea of being the protagonist of a universal adventure. Also one would assume that the creators of the game had tremendous fun while making it.
2  Everything Forge / Forge Progress - Melting Pot / Standard "Introduce Yourself" Thread on: November 04, 2009, 06:14:00 AM
I am Angelina 28 from Greece. I have been a great fan of Loom since I first played it back in the 90ies on an amiga 500 plus and was mostly impressed by its story. I also admire its author for it! If you need people to work on the texts I might be able to contribute.

I am actually a ballet teacher and I know Swan Lake almost by heart... I could recommend some scores to be used in the new game. That is, I hope you will use some original Tschaikovsky melodies!
3  Project Assistance / General Support / In need of more bandwidth webhosting. on: November 04, 2009, 06:04:00 AM
.us I believe
4  Project Assistance / General Support / In need of more bandwidth webhosting. on: November 04, 2009, 06:03:00 AM
5  Everything Forge / Forge Progress - Melting Pot / Chaos Question on: November 04, 2009, 06:01:00 AM
I am under the impression that in my version Chaos did not look like a female. I have read though that in some versions Chaos was depicted as female.
6  General Discussion / Adventure Gaming - Loom Island / Brian Moriarty email (from 2005) on: November 04, 2009, 05:50:00 AM

kidding  Tongue

I have read his interesting interviews and that will be enough I guess  Cheesy.
7  Everything Forge / Forge Progress - Melting Pot / Story Demo on: November 04, 2009, 05:45:00 AM

I would really like to read some of your story drafts but I think they are in the password protected forum. Maybe you will choose some sample to show us, because in truth thats where the success of a Loom sequel depends on, on a story that would be at least as captivating as the first one.

I have read other stories by other fanmade sequels and to be honest I was dissapointed. My instict tells me that this is going to be better!
8  Everything Forge / Forge Progress - Melting Pot / Random ideas on: November 04, 2009, 05:32:00 AM
Guys, I am new to the forum, not new to loom though. I am still reading the posts through this forum but I wonder: did you get a draft or some of the original ideas that were designed or written by Moriarty for the sequels of Loom that were not produced? Or are you trying to continue in that fashion but with your own story due to maybe copyright issues? I found it thrilling that you are continuing in the manner that was originally planned. I also wonder when did you start building the sequel!
9  General Discussion / Adventure Gaming - Loom Island / Haven't you always wondered? (LOOM style) on: November 04, 2009, 05:15:00 AM

Why did Fleeces songs lose their effectiveness?
When did the Bishop Mandible first become influenced by Chaos?
Who is Bobbins father?
Why do those who look upon a Weaver become drawn into their eyes?

Hello! I find it extremely interesting what would have happened at the shore of wonder, when the villagers and the elders arrived. I suppose that there would be a lot of cynicism in the air, between them and lady Cygna. On the other hand, wouldnt the shore be the adobe of all the weavers who have been dead? Did they believe in reincarnation or something? Or was the shore of wonder that vast of a place that lady cygna and the elders did not even meet?

I never really wondered who the father of Bobbin was. It was always clear to me that he was the (by)product of a spell. One could say the Loom was his father. It was something that had been predicted though, and it was as if the loom itself or destiny itself fullfilled themself.

When did Bishop Mandible start to become influenced by Chaos? Thats a good one. Hm....Maybe he started seeing visions of him in the crystal balls he had stolen or bought from the glassmakers? Maybe he had started to experiment with making tiny wholes in the fabric of the world, big enough to let Chaos communicate with him without getting loose?

One becomes drawn to the eyes of a Weaver, firstly because the robe covers everything else. Secondly, maybe a spell darkens the rest of their face giving unnatural glow to their eyes. Or they all posses a shining magnetism as a gift of their loomish inherited powers :-D.

That leaves us with one more. Fleece's songs could have lost their power, maybe because the Dragon's aura was negatively affecting the weave of magic around. Or the arrival of the second shadow (from the patterns of destiny) weakened their power. Or there had been a secret arrangement between the weaver who gave these songs to the sheperds, that was not fulfilled and thus they became useless, or they were meant to "expire" after some time.

There are so many things one can think of  Cheesy.
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