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Forge's Chapter One has been released on the 16th of December 2013!
Read more in the Winter Update 2013.
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1  Everything Forge / Forge Progress - Melting Pot / Legal issues? on: January 27, 2010, 04:53:00 PM

Yuck! The idea of giving up my hard work and creativity to a legal entity sounds vile. But! You get the support of a college, which is wonderful.

Thats one reason why I like not having anyone to answer to, if Luca$Arts chooses to contact us, and be all cranky, I wont have to change my storyline, only our real names  Wink.

Hehe yeah.

Well, the worst case scenario for us is Lucas doesn't want us referencing any of their IP in a game... we can go two ways from there... either make a "Loom-like" that tip-toes around the original world, story, and characters... being careful not to trip any copyright wires... or do an entirely original game, that can still be a throwback to the adventure games of old.

I can tell you that my team and Moriarty feel that it just wouldn't be right to make a Loom game if it wasn't truly Loom.... why confine ourselves?  We'd be limited by two things now, staying within  the Loom world and not even being able to say that we're in it.

So I have a back-up design I'm working on, and if we end up having to go with that I'm sure it's something that people who loved the old adventures (particularly The Dig) will enjoy.

At least we still get to play your game eventually no matter what! =D
2  Everything Forge / Forge Progress - Melting Pot / Legal issues? on: January 22, 2010, 06:24:00 AM
Hi all, wanted to give a slight update on this

First of all, Brian definitely is NOT against Loom projects being taken on by fans... if anything he finds it flattering, from what I've gathered.

Second of all, about the legal inquiry.  You have to understand that we absolutely have to probe the issue because my college claims rights to all projects.  Even though we're being advised by Brian, the previous poster was right in that he has zero say in any legal matter.

Luckily our school has lawyers at disposal for just this exact thing... not the scary court-room type lawyers, the ones that just want to make sure the student projects can go smoothly.

I can assure you that our inquiry is very specific and is only regarding our particular case.  If we get word back that they are NOT cool with us using the Loom IP in our game, it will become more of a spiritual sequel.

Either way, whatever happens to our project has no bearing on yours or any other "underground" projects... just make them, don't ask for money, release it on the internet, and you should be fine.

Ours was just a little trickier since  there is press involved and the school claims ownership.
3  Everything Forge / Forge Progress - Melting Pot / There are now 4 Loom Sequels!? on: January 07, 2010, 01:54:00 PM

Hello, guys! Just wanted to let you all know my team, Apeiron Games, is not working on a Loom sequel, but is instead working on an independent game inspired by Loom.

We've made this decision realizing our storyline is already very distant from the original Loom look and feel, not to mention the different atmosphere and the desire to push some of our own ideas forward.

Our game (unnamed, as of yet) will still feature a distaff interface, though much more complex than the one used in Loom, accompanied with standard inventory, and a lot of myst-like mechanical puzzles (though the game will not rely heavily on these and will still be in third person, hand drawn), so, I guess Loom fans will have something to look forward to.

Thanks for your time, all the best to all the other guys, especially to Da_Duke2000 for showing interest in our work. Best regards!

Very cool!  Even more diversity in the Loom projects... it sounds like there will one day be a whole compilation of awesome Loom adventures =)
4  Everything Forge / Forge Progress - Melting Pot / Legal issues? on: January 07, 2010, 09:28:00 AM
Thanks abisso.

I think what worries me is that a fan game can be shut down for the sole fact that it uses copyright material/ideas/etc.  So in fact just calling someone "Bobbin" in a game could be grounds for a cease & desist from Lucas....whether it's a completely free, fan made game or not.

I'm going to have Moriarty call his "people" at Lucas and probe a bit about how they feel on the matter.
5  Everything Forge / Forge Progress - Melting Pot / Legal issues? on: January 07, 2010, 03:16:00 AM
in this topic:  sneaky business >.>

I was wondering what you guys thought about the legal issues in doing a fan game... even Brian Moriarty doesn't own the rights to LOOM or anything to do with it, it all belongs to Lucas.

I'm just thinking of when Square shut down the Chrono Trigger 3D remake.... it was a very sad thing to see that beautiful game go.

I've been pondering what to do about my own project... do I change the names of characters?  Make it more of a "spiritual" sequel?  You never know if the wrong person/lawyer out there will come by and rain on your project   :-/
6  Everything Forge / Forge Progress - Melting Pot / There are now 4 Loom Sequels!? on: January 07, 2010, 03:08:00 AM

This personally doesn't shake me one bit. I feel that a true Loom sequel will be faithful to the emotional gameplay, art, and feel of the Game. While I am sure Brian Moriarty will help them create a wonderful title, 20 years has been a long time. The more modern they make the game, with 3D backgrounds, and effects, the less LOOM like it would feel.

I think if the Gaming industry has shown one thing, it that a great LOOKING game, will fall before great gameplay. Plus, our GUI rocks  Wink.

Hi everyone, I'm the lead designer and tech artist for the student project.

I'm thrilled to see so many people still devoted to the LOOM universe, I think more projects means more enjoyment for the fans of the original!

The truly awesome thing here is we all have complete freedom over how the sequels play out, since Brian never fleshed out the concepts.  This means that no two Forge or The Fold titles will be alike, making each one unique and fun in its own way.   Grin

Having said that, I wouldn't sell us short on capturing the feel of the original game.  I would not have approached Brian had I not felt I would do LOOM justice, and it took me about 3 hours of sitting with him but something great came out of the meeting.  And yes, while our game most likely will obtain some form of 3D elements, it will be almost entirely digitally painted.  In order to remain faithful to LOOM, we are meeting with Brian regularly and actually watching the same movies and listening to the same music that he did when he was inspired to create LOOM twenty years ago... so we're sort of recreating the ideal atmosphere for creating a game in this universe.

To give you an idea of where Brian is thinking of going with this, he is a huge fan of how the Monkey Island enhancement was done, especially the feature to switch back and forth between the retro and updated graphics.

Oh!  And the working title for our project is "Chapters of Loom".  Though that is subject to change.  I just wanted to give it a more elegant name than LOOM 2, which we kept calling it and it was driving me crazy, haha.
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