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Forge's Chapter One has been released on the 16th of December 2013!
Read more in the Winter Update 2013.
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1  Project Assistance / Translation / Re: Czech Translation on: February 06, 2014, 04:08:23 PM
Are you sure there isn't enough character space in the font? I had a Czech font somewhere and the letters fitted in, although closely. But, I guess the uppercase special letters can be substituted with a normal letter and an apostrophe.
2  Everything Forge / Discussion - Chapter One / YouTube Soundtrack on: February 03, 2014, 04:08:53 PM
I've managed to compile a soundtrack of the best pieces from the already amazing first chapter: There is also a Loom soundtrack on my channel.  Wink
3  Project Assistance / Translation / Re: Czech Translation on: February 03, 2014, 04:03:15 PM
Glad to hear it. Hope you will visit us again someday.  Smiley

The Czech alphabet contains the following additional characters: Á á É é Í í Ó ó Ú ú Ů ů Ý ý Č č Ď ď Ě ě Ň ň Ř ř Š š Ť ť Ž ž. We also use these quotation marks: „ “, but they are not needed.
4  Project Assistance / Translation / Czech Translation on: January 14, 2014, 10:08:34 AM
Hi, I would like to contribute with my decent knowledge of English and translate this game into Czech, my mother tongue. There is already a Czech translation of Loom, so I have a base to start off. I have recently played the first chapter (amazing Loom-like experience) and I would love to help this project.
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