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Forge's Chapter One has been released on the 16th of December 2013!
Read more in the Winter Update 2013.
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1  General Discussion / Adventure Gaming - Loom Island / Re: Haven't you always wondered? (LOOM style) on: March 31, 2015, 06:27:54 AM
Thank you for your views and opinions!. The setting section was a lot longer initially, but it seemed a little forced; so i decided to re-work it ito something small, evocative and just give the players "hints" on how to develop their very setting; which, in the end, GMs end up doing in every game anyways.

2  Project Assistance / Graphic / I offer my services on: March 29, 2015, 03:23:48 PM
I'm an amateur pixel artist; i don't know anything about drawing for games or such, but if you want me to draw some backgrounds and tell me a picture size i can try to do a job. I'd be very glad to work in this project as more than a tester!

here is a sample work of mine for references (i'll try to post some more later!)

Thank you for your time
3  General Discussion / Adventure Gaming - Loom Island / Re: Haven't you always wondered? (LOOM style) on: March 29, 2015, 03:14:19 PM
Welcome back abisso! You made my day knowing that the game is still on progress. I'm really intrigued with those spoilers; Will the clerics make a comeback?

Regarding my own tabletop game; I finally took a drastic decission: as I could not find enough clues to build a coherent setting, i removed all "lore" section about it. Then I made a very light-ruled game which, even though it can cover a Loom tabletop campaign, can also be used on other settings; and relies on the open mind of the players to create a setting.

I finished the last draft this very week! I'll be glad to hear your opinion on it:
4  General Discussion / General Discussion - Vintner's Guild / Brian moriarty talking about ANOTHER sequel... on: March 29, 2015, 02:56:15 PM
guys, we gotta work fast!!! There is no way that other company can do a better job than you're all doing

5  General Discussion / General Discussion - Vintner's Guild / Re: guys, you have to see this: new game on: November 26, 2014, 01:27:47 PM

use this link instead for the direct game; i dont know how to edit, sorry
6  General Discussion / General Discussion - Vintner's Guild / guys, you have to see this: new game on: November 25, 2014, 02:49:02 PM

I've just found a game inspired by the loom which uses the very same gameplay and graphics. Im downloading it right now. Click the link and read the own author's description, he explains it better than i'd do. Its Called Olaf and the Lute
7  General Discussion / Adventure Gaming - Loom Island / Re: Haven't you always wondered? (LOOM style) on: August 21, 2014, 05:10:42 PM
Oh, i meant that for example, both a weaver and a shepard players should be able to cast patterns. But for the spirit of the game to be faithful, the weaver should cast them better than the shepard; which is strange because shepards are shown to be able to cast patterns verbally, while weavers must use their distaffs and are rendered useless when they lose it.

In this case, i've fixed this by making everybody able to cast patterns providing they learnt them; but weavers are granted a small bonus and can choose to learn any 3 patterns before the game starts.

I expect to have a rough beta in a month or so, and be sure i'll post it here. I'll be glad to hear criticism! As now, i can tell about it that due to the lack of information about a big part of the Loom setting, i've taken inspirations from other sources such as the finnish and germanic myths, Adventure Time (that series are pure gold) and my own imagination.

By now, the list of guilds i have covered are: Weavers, Glassmakers, Shepards, Miners, Blacksmiths, Reapers, Thieves, Performers, Merchants, Assassins and Druids.

I have rough ideas concerning Bookbinders, Seismologists, Masons, Lumberjacks, Whalefishers and Doctors. I'd like to make Mages too, if i found a way to make them more "magical" than weavers XD

8  General Discussion / Adventure Gaming - Loom Island / Re: Haven't you always wondered? (LOOM style) on: August 11, 2014, 11:41:55 AM
Well, im using the barebones of an already existing system called Dungeon World. The idea is that each guild is the equivalent of a traditional "character class"; and has 3-5 different special moves regarding that guild. As the original game has very little information on the setting, i'm inventing a lot of things while trying to keep the mood that the game set on me.

If you want, i can post something here when i have a first presentable draft. By now, i'm still trying to represent mechanically "why weavers are better casters than shepards, when weavers need their distaffs and shepards can cast them by normal singing". Any suggestion?
9  General Discussion / Adventure Gaming - Loom Island / Re: Haven't you always wondered? (LOOM style) on: August 02, 2014, 12:54:28 PM
And more questions:

How do they give the cloaks to the weavers? do they look the face of their babies when they're born or they're safe from killing the others with their very eyes?

I assume that the "death behind the hood" is more a propierty of their hoods than of the weavers. After all, it does make sense: they just have to spin a Unmake draft on the back of the hood and now they have an awesome protective device.

¿what religion do the clerics guild preach, being that every other guild seems to follow their own's? ¿what do they do in that guild for a living? preach themselves to death?

¿Do you think there are other magical creatures in that world? ¿Besides the dragon? What kind of mystical beings you would associate more with loom's world?

I'm trying to build an amateur Loom tabletop rpg (just for me and for everybody who is interested, nothing ambitious), but due to the lack of people in the world knowing about this masterpiece, is a little hard to come up with opinions.

10  General Discussion / Adventure Gaming - Loom Island / Re: Haven't you always wondered? (LOOM style) on: July 30, 2014, 03:43:37 PM
I've always wondered which other guilds exist on the world, and what's the shape of their cities. I'm making an amateur tabletop rpg about loom, and sometimes i try to figure out which kind of places are still unvisited in the game. Maybe a clayworkers guild built around an oasis? people who can build clay golems and that use the oasis waters as magical armor and healing?
What about the assasins guild? do they have an assasin city? thats an overcool idea, i just wish i could picture it somehow.

What other guilds you wish you could see on the games? or a loom rpg, just in case?

I'd love to see the Organists guild, the Cartographers guild, and also the Mages guild (although i dont know how mages are supposed to be more "magical" than weavers)

11  Everything Forge / Forge Progress - Melting Pot / Inspiration for the Loom? on: July 30, 2014, 03:16:17 PM
I've stumbled lately with some stories that remind me a lot about Loom. So much that im forced to believe that the creators took some inspiration on them when this game was created.

The first one is the Tales from earthsea: an old school saga of books that pre-dates Loom for some years, and narrates the story of a young magician from his childhood to his adulthood, carrying his wand across a world made of islands, each one with a different theme. The magic of that setting is made through learning names. Whenever you learn the name of a thing (a person, a material, a mountain) you can bend it, command it, etc. Its a little similar to the loom drafts, but names represent concepts (a twister), as opposite to drafts that represent a change in itself (the twisters' spinning). On the third book, the mage must defeat an evil entity that's trying to conquer the world of the living by expanding over it the kingdom of death through a breach (i couldnt help picturing it as Chaos)

The second one is the KALEVALA, a compilation of finnish myths. The connection with loom has been officially admitted as much as i know; the book speaks about the shore of wonder: the land of birds, that encircles the world of men and gives shelter to the birds in winter. There is a swan at a lake that guards the door to Tuonela, the land of the dead.
The second link is the magic casters on the book, that use singt incantations known as Runes made of four verses each.

I encourage the reading of both of them to anyone that enjoys fantasy (though Kalevala is a little complicated for its wording) and i think that can be good inspirations to the game to add new scenarios and things while being on the same Loom-mood.
12  Project Assistance / General Support / A Book that i feel that can be good inspiration on: March 12, 2014, 03:54:10 PM
I'm talking about "The wind through the keyhole" By Stephen King

The book is part of the dark tower series but this one can be read as a separate story. I just read it and i feel that can be very inspirational for the flavor of forge or maybe Fold. It features:

- A Whole guild of lumberjacks
- A Messenger Nymph (just like the one on Loom!)
- A very mystical approach to magic and beasts, that can be used.

In any case the book is awesome and i recommend it to anybody, be it a fan of the series or not. Thank you for your time.
13  Everything Forge / Forge Progress - Melting Pot / Re: Blacksmiths Book of Schematics Fun! on: December 05, 2013, 05:30:50 AM
Red Heating: The schematic was used to be able to forge without a fire. When used, the metal goes red hot. Iron forged this way is called ironically "cold iron" and has magical propierties (can damage ghosts and undead). Some lesser metals melt like lava when this spell is cast upon them. Has no reverse.

Dyeing: This spell was picked up from the weavers during the war of 5889, when King Anvil Morningmace decided to dye his armor to make him more distinguishable in battle. Though supposedly there was a time where you could dye in any existing color, now the spell only works with shining green.

Sword in a bottle: This schematic can turn any metal object (a sword, a helmet or a cage) into embers and ashes; that can be kept in bottles or boxes. The utility of the spell is that is reversible, and may be useful if you want to hide an object from an unwanted view; or maybe getting weapons inside an official act.
14  Project Assistance / Translation / Re: Spanish Translation on: December 04, 2013, 07:29:51 PM
if still needed; i'm spanish and can speak and write fluently both languages. In case you need my services, i'd be glad to help, or do the translation to my language.
15  Project Assistance / Betatesting / Re: Forge: Chapter One - 3rd beta-stage (Post to volunteer as tester) on: November 20, 2013, 05:40:36 PM
If there is still time, and you still need people, please contact me for the beta testing.
I´m a big fan of Loom, and i have been awaiting this for ages!
Thank you

PS: My e-mail is in my profile.

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