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Author Topic: New to LOOM? Catch up...  (Read 7398 times)
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« on: July 26, 2009, 11:37:00 AM »

Remember Loom? The fun little adventure game from 20 years ago?

Well if you need a refresher course on the wonderful little game, I thought I would provide you all with the resources needed to make the most of your memory-lane experience.

STEP 1: Listen to the Audio Drama
Shipped with the original releases of LOOM was a 30 minute Audio Drama on cassette. The Audio Drama establishes the continuity of LOOM and acts as a prequel to the LOOM story. It tells the story of the protagonists mother, the Weavers, and seamlessly segways into the start of the game.

STEP 2: The Book of Patterns
Also shipped with the game was a Book Of Patterns. This 12 page booklet provided the player with even more backstory about the Weavers and their drafts. To add function to the Book, the player would mark down the sequence of threads into designated slots to avoid loosing scraps of paper. The game was DOS after all.

Step 3: Play the game!
All versions of the game have their own benefits, from 16 color nostalgia, to full vga backgrounds, or character portraits. My encouragement is to play them all and spot some of the differences.

Thanks to sag from the boards here, he has hosted each of the three common LOOM versions here for the community. As well, he has a fourth file for documentation, extras, and the Audio Drama. Thank you sag! Here are the links:

LOOM Original (Link Removed)
LOOM VGA Remake (Link Removed)
LOOM FMTowns (Link Removed)
LOOM Extras (Book of Patterns, Audio Drama, etc (Link Removed)

To play the games the best:

sag says:
 Grin For those who still don't have LOOM I present!

SAG's Download Pack!

How To:
First download my installers, as linked above

Next download: ScummVM

Run '<insertloomversionhere>.exe' wherever you like, it'll extract into the same folder.

Run the ScummVM installer.

Run ScummVM once you've installed it, and 'Add Game' for each version you've downloaded. Edit any settings you may like, such as windowed or full screen. That's it!

You're done, now go enjoy a classic.


STEP 4: Expand your mind. Research!
Below is a list of some fun sites to expand your mind of all things LOOM.

For some lovely product scans of most versions available, visit here:
Lucasarts Museum - Loom

For a smattering of VGA screen shots of the VGA and FM Towns versions, visit here:
Loom Screenshots

A wonderful selection of unused graphics from LOOM, some fun insights here:
Unused Graphics

Loom CES Show release documents:
Loom Miscellany

I hope this helps those in need of some direction.
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« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2009, 05:47:00 AM »

Game links have been removed. Please contact me with any questions regarding this.
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