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What is Forge?
Forge is a fan-made sequel to Loom, LucasArts’ 1990 adventure-game masterpiece. Loom was supposed to have been followed by two additional stories, each following a different protagonist; but these games were sadly never made. Tidbits of their plots can be found online, but these are the only glimpses we have into what those games might have been. Feeling that Loom deserved continuation, we have chosen to carry on the story in the same vintage pixel-art style of the early 1990s.

We have sought to honor the theme and story that made Loom one of the most amazing interactive stories released in that gaming era. We hope you enjoy the fruit of our efforts when the project is complete.

What is Loom?
Information regarding Loom can be found on a variety of fan sites, and we may choose to host our own Loom section in the near future. For now, please visit this novellike Walkthrough for Loom to learn anything and everything about the game we so adore.

For those interested in playing the game, it is now available to buy on Steam, We (obviously) highly recommend this for anyone interested in adventure / retro gaming.

How long has the project been running?
While Duke has been writing about Loom for many years, it was not until he met the team’s lead scripter that Forge began to take shape. Construction of the GUI and concept art began in earnest in July of 2009.

Progress has been slow at times and fast at others. We’ve amassed a wonderful collection of art, music, and stories, which we know will be a treat for fans of classic adventure games when the final game is complete.

Will this game have a Distaff like Loom?
Since Forge follows a member of the Guild of Blacksmiths and the Distaff was particular to the Weavers, it isn’t the star of the game this time around. The Distaff may appear for special scenarios in Forge, but Rusty will have his own magical locus, the Blacksmith Gauntlets.

What are the Blacksmiths' Gauntlets?
While the Tech Demo is the best way to understand the Gauntlets, here’s a less interactive explanation:

The Gauntlets are to Rusty what the Distaff had been to Bobbin. The Gauntlets are a real-time connect-the-dot drawing system scripted in AGS. Using this new tool, Rusty will be able to “draw” metalworking schematics that affect objects and people around him. He will collect these magical schematics as he encounters them in his adventures, much like Bobbin had found his musical drafts.

There will again be three difficulty levels for the GUI, each one adding an extra challenge and rewarding the player with more hidden Easter eggs.

Easter Eggs?
With the full release of Forge, we plan to have an in-game rewards section and an assortment of out-of-game Mini Games. These will allow the player to unlock bonus content, ranging from special cutscenes, unused/mockup art, and even hidden scenes depicting new and old characters from the Loom universe.

When will Forge be ready?
Progress on the game rests solely on the contributions of our team members and the interested public. We plan to release the fully playable Chapter One during December 2013. We're still hoping to find new, dedicated team members to work on the following release, which will be the complete game itself.

If you would like to offer up your skills, please post on our Forum. We do our best to find a role for anyone who wants to help!

What about Fold?
Although it would be a honour to give birth to the third game of the series as well, there is nothing planned. Every struggle of our team is directed towards Forge at the moment.

Why don't you rely on a crowd-funding platform?
Since the game uses some copyrighted material from Lucas, using a crowd-funding platform is more likely to attract unwanted attention, which could result in a cease&desist order. Moreover, according to the laws of my country, crowd-funding qualifies as commerce, whenever you pay knowing you will receive some "product" in return. Commerce requires a special license and the payment of taxes.
The current system is quite humble instead and doesn't offer products in exchange, so can be safely considered as a tax-free donation system. Due to its nature is also less likely to bother the owners of the copyrights.
Things might change in the future though, and if the project is on the verge of dying for lack of funds, any reasonable method of keeping it alive will be taken into consideration.