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Title: Previous Contributors Thread
Post by: Da_Duke2000 on March 26, 2011, 04:49:14 PM
Hey everyone;

While our team officially came together back in July of 2009, the only main member of the Team is now Abisso, with selmiak as the webmaster. We have accepted help from dozens through the games development and I thought it would be better to show off a list of those who have made a contribution to the game, and leave the Team section of the Quill o' the Wisp website for Active Team members (or those who are making consistent and active contributions.

Duke Davidson deserves special thanks, because without him there would be no Forge at all. It was his love for Loom that motivated him to assemble a team and his plot and creative ideas are the roots of the whole project. Since September 2011 he's no longer in the team though, because the path of life often requires difficult choices and sometimes one has to renounce even to things he cares for.


Co-founder / Story Designer / Project Manager:

Primary Lead Spriter:

Primary Background Artist:
Matt Walkden (

Peter Crafts

Jamison Alderson, Ubertuba Music
Bosa (Jon Babb)

Takayo (Gui Art, Primary)
Charles Craft (Gui Art, Secondary)
Chris P (Character Spriting)
Hannah Skarnofsk (Map/Scenes/Seals)
Ian "Nvision" MacLean (Menu Tapestries, New Distaff, Protection/Difficulty Screen)
Joshua Astorian (Character Spriting, Character Portraits)
Kai “kaio” Ortmann (Character Spriting, Character Concept Art)
Kevin Derken (Guild Seals, Primary)
Lorne T Whiting (Character Spriting)
Valecene (Concept art & Website Proofreading)